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Sulawesi Island
"Island Of Indonesian Landscapes"

South Sulawesi sulawesi

Makassar is the capital of South Sulawesi, land of spice, previously known as Ujung Pandang that derives from the Bugis ethnic call the city where in ancient year growth "pandan"along the coast of Makassar, which means "end of pandan". Makassar is the gateway to the famous Sulawesi Toraja land Exploration. It is also known as Celebes. The unique Sulawesi Toraja culture, including their animistic burial rites, makes this region one of the most fascinating wonders in Indonesia. Another culture the Bugis, traditionally a great seafaring people whose history goes back to the formidable maritime empire of Crivijaya, are known for their shipbuilding expertise. A few spots in the city are worth exploring. Among them are the "Rotterdam" Castle, a Dutch fortress, the old wooden palace which is known as the "Balla Lompoa"; means the Grand House, the waterfall of "Bantimurung" which means refuse the sadness, quaint town like Bantaeng, Jeneponto and Takalar which are recorded in Chinese maritime records. The harbor is in the city, just a few steps from the business and China town. All sea-liners that sail to eastern Indonesia, will transit here for 6 hours. The harbor is named after Soekarno-Hatta, to honor the proclamator and founding fathers of the Republic of Indonesia.

The province of South Sulawesi is part of Sulawesi island, the southwestern leg is orchid shaped and lies at the crossroads of east and west Indonesia. It covers a land area of 82,768 square kms surrounded by the sea on there side. Population: Approximately 7,000,000. Predominantly Moslem coastal people in the South and Christian in the Toraja highland.

hill cemetary5 Like in other islands of Indonesia, In Sulawesi island there are also some mountains, namely Rantemario mountain, Lampobatang mountain, Kambuna mountain, Kabinturu mountain, Gandadiwata mountain, and Proreang mountain. South Sulawesi belongs to the Central Indonesia Standard time zone which is 8 hours ahead of GMT, and one hour ahead of Jakarta. The road from Makassar to Toraja Land runs along the coast for about 130 km's and then hits the mountains. After the entrance to Tana Toraja you enter a majestic landscape with giant gray, granites and stones and blue mountain at a distance after passing the market village of Mebali.

The death ceremony of Toraja. It can pass many years before the ceremony hold since the death.

The death ceremony of Toraja Land. It can pass many years before the ceremony hold since the death. They form a sharp contrast with the lively green of the fertile, rain-fed terraces and the rusty read of the tropical laterite soil. This is Tana Toraja, one of the most splendid areas in Indonesia. Tana Toraja has a specific and unique funeral ceremony which is called Rambu Tuka'. In Tana Toraja, dead body is note more than ten years until the family have enough money to held the ceremony. After ceremony, the dead body is brought to the cave or to the wall of the mountain. The skulls show us that the dead body is not buried but just put on stone or ground, or put in the hole.The funeral festival season begins when the last rice has been harvested, usually in late June or July, and lasts through to September.

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