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Lombok Traveling Adventure

map lombok

Lombok is one of some seventeen thousands islands among the Archipelago recently wakes up as an adventure, marine, leisure, Compay gathering, Meeting & Convention, and cultural tour destination in Indonesia. It is so popular for CHILLY ISLAND since Lombok it self in Indonesian language means CHILLY PAPPER Geographically Lombok lies 8 degrees south of the equator and stretches some 80 km west to the east and about the same distance north to south. It is dominated by the second highest mountain in Indonesia, GUNUNG RINJANI which soars to 3726 m. It has a large caldera with a crater lake, SEGARA ANAK, 600 m below the rim, and a new volcanic cone which has formed in the centre. Rinjani mountain last erupted in 1994, and evidence of this can be seen in the fresh lava and yellow sulphur around the inner cone. Since a few years ago Rinjani mountain has been preserved by the Government as Lombok rinjani trekking adventure traveling destination, RINJANI NATIONAL PARK.

rinjani Rinjani Mountain, Segara anak lake. Two icons of Lombok Island

There are some routes can be passed through by the trekkers when doing Rinjani trekking adventure and exploration, namely Torean trekking point, Kembang Kuning trekking point, Sembalun trekking point, Senaru trekking point, and some others. Genererally, however, the Lombok Tour and Trekking agents guide the trekkers to climb up through Senaru and Sembalun trekking point. The profesional mountain trekkers usually need only 3 days 2 nights of Lombok Rinjani trekking expedition and adventure trip to reach the top, 4 days 3 nights is however highly recommended. For the junior light or soft trekkers Segara Anak crater lake 3 days 2 nights is also a wonderful adventure trekking trip.

For Marine lovers, enjoy the snorkeling and diving adventure trip in Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan of west Lombok. These snorkeling and diving sites are the most turquoise beaches with underwater scenary being full of red coral, blue coral reef, and colorful fishes to complete the discovery during a wonderful snorkeling and diving Lombok trip. There are still many other diving sites to discover on the island, Senggigi beach, Gili Nanggu, Gili Sulat, Gili Gde, Gili Lontar snorkeling and dive site of south-west Lombok and Kuta Tanjung Aan Beach of south Lombok. Diving package offered to the tourists are dive course, fun dive, night dive, and other scuba diving adventure and information under PADI diving standard system. Lombok Surfing adventure tour is an other chalangeful marine activity can be enjoyed. The qualified wind surfers should not miss out the surfing trip in some wonderful surfing points of Grupuk, Ekas, Seger, and Mawun beach, South Lombok. Last but not least is Lombok culture and religions. Come to Lombok quickly to witness an elopement traditional wedding ceremony on every week end during the post harvesting season and to observe the harmonious life among the typical Lombok Moslem Wetu Telu, Hindhus, and Budhists who worship together in one temple.

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