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Bali Island

"The Island Of Gods"

bali island map
Bali Island Lies Between Java and Lombok
upacara in bali
Bali people in "yadnya", the call for ritual
bali lands
Although Bali is "global village, Bali still traditional
subak and terrace
Two most famous Bali technology in agriculture is "Subak" and Terrace
If Lombok is "Thousand Mosque Island", Bali is "Thousand Temple Island"

BALI Island Some 250 years ago the Hindu and Buddhist religion and cultures were brought to Indonesia by Indian traders and Chinese Navigators. The great Hindu Majapahit empire of central and eastern Java was eventually destroyed in the 15th century by the Mohamedan invation.

With the spread of this new religion of Islam. Large numbers of priests, nobility and craftsmen of the great Hindu Kingdoms moved to Bali and were allowed to Stay. Thus in one step the riches of centuries of Hindu's culture, its music and philosophy were brought to Bali were they have continued to florid and develop ever since.

Bali is small island of only 200sq.miles lying to the east of Java and separated from the large island of by Java narrow strait of water. It is dominated by lofty volcanoes and misty high lands. To the south and north of these mountains lie the fertile plains based, on irrigated wet rice cultivation.

Its coast line has undergone a certain amount of hotel development but its beauty has not been impaired. Its is population is estimated 3.5 million and is the second most densely populated island in Indonesia. Over 95% of the population practices the Hindu religion, the remainder are mostly Muslim with a number of Buddhist and Christians.

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